Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interpretation Serv-U user attributes "Account"

1, Account (account number) option

The following diagram:

Second, the instructions and application examples

1, Disable account (account disabled): If you select it, this account will not be used.

2, User name (user name): shown here can change the user's login name; revised, on the left panel of the user name will automatically make the appropriate changes.

3, Group (s) (group): If the establishment of groups, then here by selecting the group to more of the directory. The properties of these groups in the directory determined at the time by the establishment of groups, users in the "Dir Access" can not be modified! If the group is not in the user's home directory the root directory (see item 5 below shows) contained within the directory tree, this group of users can not enter.

4, Password (Password): This is "<>"( encryption) specifying the password, as confidential, so the contents are not displayed. If blank, then no password; if enter any password show "<>"銆?br />
5, Home directory (home directory): Here in principle for the user's home directory after login; the actual root of the user login will be "General" property in the "Lock user in home directory" to decide.

鈶?example, the path here as "d: myweb", "General" in the corresponding entry is selected, the home directory and root directory are "d: myweb".

鈶?another example where the path is "d: myweb", "General" in the corresponding entry is not selected, then the home directory is "d: myweb", while the root directory was "d:".

鈶?Note: here can be modified according to circumstances, but can not exceed the "Dir Access" in the "Path" where the range of disk, or log in you will see nothing!

6, Notes (Notes): This is used to mark a number of descriptive text.


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