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How to add the equivalent in the R5 name (Alternate name)

How to add the equivalent in the R5 name (Alternate name)
Equivalent name is Domino R5's new features. Using equivalent names, you can assign two names for the users: a basic name, an equivalent name. Basic General is the use of international common language, equivalent to General is to use the user's native language. Equivalent to the user to add in your name, you must first give the organization or to register the user add the equivalent organizational unit name.

1. To add the equivalent organization or organizational unit name
1. Admin start Domino Administrator software, click on the "Configuration" tab
2. Click on the right side of the screen the "Tools" under "verify" - "Verify"
3. Select Organization identifier file (, enter the password
4. Choose to be validated identifier file, enter the password. If the identifier is added to the organization, then re-select the organization identifier file (with the step 4)
5. Click the "Add" button
6. In the "Language" select the domain name of the language equivalent. If you add the equivalent to the organizational unit name, the optional language, including its validation on a word verified all languages.
7. (Optional) enter the country code for the organization, such as China CN. Organization identifier can only be used to change options file.
8. In the "Organization / Organizational Unit" field, enter the organization / organizational unit name
9. Click "OK" button
10. Click the "Verify" button

2. To have the user add the equivalent name
First of all, ensure that registration of the user's organization or organizational unit you want to use the language with the equivalent name
1. Admin start Domino Administrator software, click on "individual and group" label
2. In the "personal" view, select the user name is added equivalent
3. To open the document, click on "Manage" tab, edit the document in the following fields:
1) The proposed name is equivalent to the public: Input Equivalent name (not including the hierarchy)
2) proposed the only organizational unit is equivalent to: (optional) Enter the equivalent organizational unit, the field is different from the two main users of the same name, and verify the actual words not related to organizational units.
3) The proposed name of the language is equivalent to: choose the equivalent name of the language
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, the user distribution is equivalent to other names, and then re-verify the user
5. Selected to be verified the user's document, go to "personal" - "personal" - "re-authentication", select the verifier identifier, enter the password. When the administration after completing the process of running, it changes the user personal documents, and copy to the network in the domain of other database.

3. To add a new user name equivalence
Register a new user, in the upper left corner click on the "Advanced" option, then click on the "other" button, the middle part of the window on top that you can fill in Step 3 of 3 domains, add the equivalent to the user name.

Note: The server can not have equivalent names; organization or organizational unit can have multiple equivalent names, but users can only have an equivalent name. With the equivalent name in the user or organizational unit of the level of authentication must have the same kind of language word equivalent name.

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